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Re. Scanning Class:

I have been seeking out a scanner operator class with no luck (all
that I found are on-site and product-specific classes). I did find one in
the UK but being on the west coast, that's a little further than I care to
travel. I have not seen any such course offered by Sterling-Ledet but am
assuming such information is available to them. I'm hoping for a more
general (if possible) class, and since I am not currently working,
"on-site" is not an option. Hopefully with a class of this type added to my
resume the dry market might dampen up.

Anyway, noticing a new thread in the discussion group as well as your
standing in the education field, I thought I might inquire as to your
knowledge of the availability of any such courses. Any information and/or
recommendations of such courses would be appreciated.
Try posting your questions and queries on ScanHi-End@...

Although the discussions can get equipment-specific, I have found answers to
most of my film scanning questions, from oil mountnig film on a drum to
mapping RGB values to a specific output targets. There are even several
software and hardware representatives who read and post on a regular basis.

As for the whole UCR, GCR, UCA discussion, it really helps to talk to actual
press operators. The bigger the press and volume of the printing company,
the better. These people really know why an image might print poorly or
perfectly, if it has too much overall ink, or the sep is (color) biased in
some way, etc.

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