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Thanks everyone for the "Smooth SKin" techniques, I'm now an expert!

One item that I did not see covered in the thread is the impact of halftone
screening on smooth tones. You may want to investigate round dot (round dots
simply grow larger from highlight to shadow) or even FM screening (esp if
presswork is from CTP). Halftone have an "optical bump" when the dots first
touch in the tone scale. With Euclidean (round - square - round) this
happens at the 50% dot. With elliptical it's split between 40 and 60%. Both
screens have the bump in critical tone areas. Round dot places the optical
bump at 75%. Well into the shadows where it is much less visible. Some
printers also try to use exotic screening strategies to avoid rosettes,
which can also appear as "noisy" tones in critical skin color areas.

thx, gordo

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