Why is this?

Hector Davila

Why is this?

I'm just expermenting.
I take an old Tin Type photo.
I then adjusted in Lab for contrast.
I then change to CMYK and
I deleted the Black channel
(since I see a lot of scratches and spots in Black channel)
...and all of a sudden 90 percent of scratches and spots are gone.
It even looks sharper than the original without sharping it.
Also, I see more detail.

So, why is that?
Why are the scrathces and spots gone?
Why is it more sharper and has more detail.
What is it about removing the black channel that
causes this?

I then go to Greyscale mode and back to LAB and CMYK curves
to bring back the contrast and blacks.

I just want to know, what is the Black channel all about?
Am I doing something right or wrong?

Hector Davila

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