Scanner Training Advice (was: UCR vs GCR...or Neither - RAW CMYK?)

Dan Margulis <76270.1033@...>

Stephen writes,

I was wondering if you and perhaps the list have any thoughts on
how I could maximise the training. I know many on this list attend
specific training or seminars - are there any tips from all those
people who have 'been there - done that'.>>

As one who's been to a *lot* of scanner training, let me suggest that
everything depends on the instructor. They range in my experience from
highly qualified and insightful to total baboons. It's well worth your
while to insist on speaking to the instructor in advance to find out what
kind of person you can expect. Often you'll find that the individual has
certain experience that you can really mine. If the person has been a
professional scanner operator, plan on spending a lot of time discussing
techniques for specific originals, but don't expect more than a book
recitation of what the conversion software does. Similarly if the person is
a software geek you may be able to go in depth in that area. And if your
impression is that the instructor is as dumb as a sack of rocks, just go
with a fixed itinerary of things you need to see and hope for the best.

Also: re the forwarded question about open-to-the-public scanner training:
I'm not aware of that kind of training being available anywhere, but that
doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

Dan Margulis

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