Scanning Class information??

Dan Margulis <76270.1033@...>

This individual has previously taken my ACT course.

Dan Margulis

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To: Dan Margulis, 76270,1033
Date: Mon, Oct 8, 2001, 3:24 PM

RE: Class information

Dear Dan,

Although I have been following all threads with interest, I don't
think this note would be of interest to the discussion group. Having never
posted anything anywhere online before (just shy I guess) I am working on
the assumption that this question is too specific for the group.

I have been seeking out a scanner operator class with no luck (all
that I found are on-site and product-specific classes). I did find one in
the UK but being on the west coast, that's a little further than I care to
travel. I have not seen any such course offered by Sterling-Ledet but am
assuming such information is available to them. I'm hoping for a more
general (if possible) class, and since I am not currently working,
"on-site" is not an option. Hopefully with a class of this type added to my
resume the dry market might dampen up.

Anyway, noticing a new thread in the discussion group as well as your
standing in the education field, I thought I might inquire as to your
knowledge of the availability of any such courses. Any information and/or
recommendations of such courses would be appreciated.


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