Scanner Training Advice (was: UCR vs GCR...or Neither - RAW CMYK?)

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RE: Scanner Training Advice (was: UCR vs GCR...or Neither - RAW CMYK?)

Dan, once again - thank you for your time and knowledge.

I am sending this mail to you off list - in case it is not appropriate
for the list. Please feel free to forward this to the ACT list if it is for

general consumption.


Dan writes:

Four years ago, in
reviewing the new Scitex line, I wrote:

"Basic scanning may be easy, but the exceptions are lethal.
Scitex's has
several sets of preset CMYK parameters for different printing
conditions--but, unbelievably, none for the most common of all,
SWOP. Users
can create these parameters for themselves--if they happen to
be one of the
twenty or so individuals on the planet capable of figuring out
exceedingly opaque implementation of black generation."
Dan, I have checked out the archives at Electronic Publishing for
EverSmat Supreme articles but found nothing with any 'meat'
and nothing written by you.

Do you have any links or archives of the reviews or articles you
have written on these scanners or related software (oXYgen)?

Now for the real question...

Our newish scanner still has some 'free' training that came with
it - that the main pre press guy did not need (experienced
scanner op). Lucky for me - I am being offered the short
CreoScitex training, which from all reports is worth a quite a bit of
money (if it did not come with the scanner).

I would like to make the best of this oportunity - but have not had
access to this type of training before.

I have no real high end scanning experience, but am comfortable
with a scanner, Photoshop and by the numbers workflows.

I was wondering if you and perhaps the list have any thoughts on
how I could maximise the training. I know many on this list attend
specific training or seminars - are there any tips from all those
people who have 'been there - done that'.

If this is a standard 'abc123' taining course - then there might not
be too much room to ask questions or to get into the deeper
aspects, which may be beyond the simple training session.

From what I have read on one old message list - the training is
focused on CMYK table or device link scanning, with the ICC and
DT/SOOM workflows pretty much ignored. As I am in pre press
for a traditional printer - this does not seem to be a problem (they
would probably ask for this anyway).

Any thoughts or links would be greatly appreciated. I have
considered posting this on the Scan-Hi End list - but I respect
the opinions of this list and will hold off on any cross posts until
the issue is well and dead.


Stephen Marsh.

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