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There isn't any such animal. The scanner records R,G, and B
data which
becomes, with mild variation, C, M, and Y. The black data is
from the other three.
Thanks Dan. It was a shock to me to find that you could turn UCR
and GCR functions off for the CMYK conversion...I took the
setting at 'face value' (silly me).

Then I blew the dust off Macromedia xRes and it had similar

As Photoshop is my major experience...I did not know what was
going on.

So I take it that you are saying that even though UCR is off - this
is still a UCR sep, just different to Photoshops flavour.

You gotta love CreoScitex - UCR/GCR off is still UCR. So there
must be a difference between the active UCR settings and the off
setting...perhaps one year I will have time to play and see.

No, this is traditional UCR, black only appearing where
necessary to
achieve darkness, not to hold neutrality.
What was throwing me was that there is no 'cross over' on the
gray ramp where the CMY and K plates interact in the
threequarter tones and shadow, as in Photoshop.

The scitex gray ramp looks so 'alien' when UCR/GCR is off...that
I thought that something else was going on. When these
functions are on, the ramps look closer to Photoshop - but they
have very different defaults with steeper curves etc.

Sure, and many others express their column width in pica
ems, or indicate
that they have 2% dot gain.

Thank's for your time and thoughts Dan - as ever your words
leave me smiling.


Stephen Marsh.

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