Re: UCR vs GCR...or Neither - RAW CMYK?

Dave Badger <dbadge@...>

on 10/6/01 3:00 PM, Dan Margulis wrote:

Dot gain and black generation are different animals. If you believe that an
image will correct or print better with a higher black component, that
decision would presumably the same on either 100# Kromekote or newsprint.
I have been using Photoshop's Medium Generation for a long time now because
GCR is supposed to give you better saturation and depth in the darker
colors. I believe this to be true and think that, for example, cyan in reds
being replaced partially by black is a good thing. Yet no black substitution
take place in lighter skin tones, so the start point of this setting seems

Using this setting means the black is more critical on press, so I would
think using UCR or Light GCR would be better for newsprint since their black
plate would be less controlled or more dot gain.

Printers who insist on one method or another generally are completely out
of touch. Right now, their clients can be divided into those who know what
they're doing, in which case they are probably using a skeleton black, and
those who don't, who are probably using the Photoshop default of a heavier
black. Yet from time to time both groups get good results.
This statement seems to indicate that people who use Photoshop's Medium GCR
setting are unsophisticated users. Yet you've said one form of UCR/GCR is
not necessarily better then another.

The same pluses and minuses apply: with a heavier black,
one risks muddier images, and they're harder to correct in Photoshop. OTOH
a heavier black will hold neutrality better, and also make it easier to
print the job in register, or rather make a misregistered job look more
Can you further explain why you favor a skeleton black and are there any
other downsides to GCR then those you listed above?

Dave Badger

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