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Dan Margulis <76270.1033@...>

Chris writes,

You make ICC based color management out to be this substantially
different technology than what we've been using for the last eight years.
It isn't. It's the same thing that makes up separation tables in Photoshop
and various other forms of proprietary table based conversion methods that
hvae been used for a decade or more.>>

Wait a minute! You're stealing my lines!

What's little is left of the concept absolutely meets the description
above. It's traditional methodology with a new file format, one that's more
efficient because it's somewhat universal and somewhat more flexible.

And that's about it, at the moment. One wonders how such a trivial thing
could have commanded so much ink and so much trade show attention over the
last decade, not to mention the waste of bandwidth in this group. But at
least people are starting to understand what it is now.

In retrospect, all those inflated promises of a few years back, like the
scenario Gordon mentioned, obviously never had a chance. The only things
that did were the sensible parts that people are using now--traditional
methods, new format.

But since you have preempted me from repeating what I said then by
embracing it yourself, you give me the gleeful opportunity to take the
other side and remind you what some of your friends would have called you
had you said anything so counterrevolutionary at that time.

You are a dinosaur!
You will go the way of the typesetters!!
You are extremely dense!!!
You are highly reactionist!!!!
You will be assimilated!!!!!

Ahhh. I feel better now. And with that, I bow out of the thread.

Dan Margulis

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