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on 1/2/01 5:39 PM, Gordon Pritchard at

I believe that I can also embed a profile of my scanner in an RGB scan and
that the printer's color management software can use that info to do
something but I'm not sure what.
Convert to some necessary space (Editing or output). It's raw data tagged in
the space from that scanner. Cool feature in Photoshop 6 is that now you can
edit in your input space. The preview is fine. For people doing scans but
providing (or wanting to provide) the raw RGB for their customers can now do
this a lot easier with Photoshop 6. Dust busting and other work in Photoshop
5 would hose that scanner profile even if we didn't convert on open and
worked in that scanner space (with an ugly preview). I'm not suggesting that
editing in input space is a good idea for all users or for a lot of work
(I'd convert into a nicely behaved space like Adobe RGB 1998 or ColorMatch

I do not know how I would specify a synthetic color in this system though.
E.g. green type in Xpress or illustrator. By how it looks on screen?
Depends on what color you are seeking. If you want to match a Pantone or
process color onto a device that doesn't use process inks, you can do that
for vector elements using a product called VectorPro.

I believe that if I change my mind and go to a different print shop then I
would load a new profile which would then make my screen and Epson produce
the colors that I could expect to see from that other printer.
Just the profile that created the original conversion to CMYK you want to
mimic on the Epson. That should already be embedded in the file from the
last person who did the actual conversion.

Andrew Rodney

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