Re: By the numbers ? and the D1

Rob Outlaw <routlaw@...>

Andrew wrote:

If indeed this is true on Nikons part, they dont need to embed a profile
(be nice). We only need to assign the NTSC profile to the data provided
conversion into another space. FWIW, the gamut map I have of the D1 from a
custom profile doesnt look to me like NTSC!
Perhaps I should elaborate on what Nikon claims if that is possible. This
info came
from the D1 discussion list moderated by Juergen Specht, and was a reply not
from Bill Pekala but also Stephen Pont of Nikon back when they were
on that digest. At any rate their claim was that "Nikon did not embed this
profile but
only designed the NTSC working space as a color characteristic". Your guess
is as good
as mine as to what this really means technically, but as long as we have to
assume things
since Nikon does not let the general public in on what they really are
thinking, my
assumptions would be that they have somehow within their RGB capture used
x & y color coordinates of the NTSC working space as the color gamut for the

So with that in mind and for those having trouble with flesh tones with the
D1, I still argue for
a total elimination of NTSC from a given workflow, since it does have an
extended red point
on the color map. Taken a step further anytime that I have completed a P2P
from say
NTSC to Adobe RGB or Colormatch RGB (while working in that space) reds do
more saturated and it is very clear to see this on my monitor, again
exacerbating any problems
that exist with overly red/magenta flesh tones.

That's not an indication alone we have an issue with reds only that the
camera has a wide gamut falling into reds. Again, with a proper profile
assigned, there is no red/magenta issue. In the gamut map I have of the
the blues fall off the CIE chart!
Fundamentally I can not argue with this, makes perfect sense, but
probably the vast majority of D1 shooters out there do not have an adequate
custom profile, but have relied on Nikon to provide them with an out of the
camera with perfect color. I think it is safe to say Nikon let them down.

I hope I do not sound like a broken record here, one can get really good
without the profile and with a few minor adjustments in PS with the raw
files at
least, but only if eliminating the NTSC issue. That has been my experience
the camera.

> I suspect when you use the Nikon Capture (shame they have to charge for

Don't even get me started on this one! While I use it all the time it has to
be the
worst $450.00 I have ever spent in photography.

you may not get NTSC but indeed the raw RGB. I'm guessing that when using
other than RAW, Nikon *may* be forcing the raw RGB into NTSC although I
suspect this is may not be that accurate but convenient for Nikon to
suggest to users.
If this were true with non raw data files when opened in PS 5.5 or later
would I not
be asked about converting from NTSC to Adobe or whatever? I can't think of
that this has happened for me, and I do have PS setup so that would happen
if a
profile were embedded or attached.

Of all the companies making digital cameras and scanners,
Nikon's track record for dealing with color issues is pretty bad.
I do not doubt this for a second.


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