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Dan Margulis <76270.1033@...>

Bob writes,

hushhhhhh! don't say that too loudly. I'm already losing a pile of bread
and butter business to clients that have taken a greater portion of their
basic photo work in-house because of what these things can do. These
cameras really are quite amazing in their capabilities and more and more
people are starting to figure that out. They still hire me for those jobs
where my special skills bring something unique to the image, but more and
more of the really simple (and very profitable) work is being taken

This particular genie is not going back into the bottle. The negative
impact on professional photographers is already large and it's going to get
worse. Those head-in-the-sand folk who say, "I'm a photographer, what I do
is shoot pictures, let somebody else worry about what happens next" have
had a rough few years already, and now they're really going to pay the
price for their lack of foresight. It's the people like yourself who have
made a serious effort to adjust to the technology and be more full-service
who have a good chance to survive.

The impact as I see it is not merely the loss of certain jobs but that
prices are being driven down for what remains. I assume that the culprits
for this phenomenon are those desperados who have been forced to bid for
the work at any price by the shrinking demand for their services.

I'm planning to write a column about this in April, which is the 5th
anniversary of a similar column I wrote warning of this very thing, which
was much pooh-poohed at the time by professional photographers.

Dan Margulis

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