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on 1/2/01 6:59 AM, Rob Outlaw at routlaw@IMT.NET wrote:

Actually as I understand it Nikon has only "chosen the NTSC working space as
a color characteristic" but has not embedded, tagged, or otherwise forced
the issue
of using this as a working space or profile.
If indeed this is true on Nikon¹s part, they don¹t need to embed a profile
(be nice). We only need to assign the NTSC profile to the data provided for
conversion into another space. FWIW, the gamut map I have of the D1 from a
custom profile doesn¹t look to me like NTSC!

Nikon has forced the issue. The camera is producing some kind of RGB. I¹d be
inclined to always use the RAW mode of capture to get to that color. As Bob
pointed out, the Kodak DCS line of cameras is much more savvy when it comes
to dealing with raw captures. The Linear 12 bit capture is ideal for
profiling and truly does provide the user with a raw color file. It looks
just awful when you bring it into Photoshop and you are viewing it with some
preset Working Space. But it¹s untagged and as soon as you Assign the proper
profile (easy to do in Photoshop 6) the preview instantly changes and looks
fantastic. A further illustration of how viewing a file without a proper tag
can be a recipe for disaster!

You are so right here Dan. If one looks at the color points on a color gamut
map it is clear to see that the NTSC working space has a red point that is
virtually passed human vison and certainly passed Adobe RGB let alone
That's not an indication alone we have an issue with reds only that the
camera has a wide gamut falling into reds. Again, with a proper profile
assigned, there is no red/magenta issue. In the gamut map I have of the D1,
the blues fall off the CIE chart!

In not one of those assignments did the film
the color of my D1, capturing images in raw mode and converting with Nikon
while totally ignoring the NTSC working space. All files were opened in PS
5.5 into the
Adobe RGB space without any other conversions taking place and saved as
I suspect when you use the Nikon Capture (shame they have to charge for it),
you may not get NTSC but indeed the raw RGB. I'm guessing that when using
other than RAW, Nikon *may* be forcing the raw RGB into NTSC although I
suspect this is may not be that accurate but convenient for Nikon to simply
suggest to users. Of all the companies making digital cameras and scanners,
Nikon's track record for dealing with color issues is pretty bad.

Andrew Rodney
Andrew Rodney

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