Re: By the numbers ? and the D1

Bob Smith <rmsmith@...>

Rob Outlaw wrote:

D1, capturing images in raw mode and converting with Nikon Capture, while
totally ignoring the NTSC working space.
which is exactly how it ought to be done. NTSC is just an issue for camera
processed files. My experience with D1 jpegs is nil... just going by
experiences of others that I trust and my very few efforts at trying to help
someone with some D1 jpegs. Except possibly on some studio type rigs, I
don't think any digital camera images from any company are tagged coming out
of the camera. It makes no sense to waste precious writing speed and disk
space on data that would be exactly the same for every image... especially
on a camera who's main claim to fame is photojournalistic use.

Bob Smith

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