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Problem of bad fleshtones is called Magenta problem but in reality it is
problem of Reds having too much Magenta and Cyan and not enough Yellow (and
Yellows  being contaminated with Cyan). The first step to correct this
problem is to pull red curve to reduce Cyan in midtones and next puling Green
curve to reduce magenta. Combined effect of pulling red and green curves
increase yellow and reduce cyan in skin tones, reds and yellows. Converting
from NTSC to ColorMatch is helpful to bring other colors and reducing overall
dullness due to different gamma of those color spaces.

That’s an awful lot of work to basically make a file tagged incorrectly LOOK correct in a  newly assigned Working Space. By simply tagging the D1 file with the correct description of the RGB you are getting would solve all these problems without altering the data in the file! Then you would convert into any RGB Working Space you want (the preview wouldn’t change at this point either). What you are basically doing is viewing a file in a condition where it’s not producing a proper preview. Then after you get it looking as you like, you Assign your Working Space. This is very similar to working with color neg scans. Since we can’t produce a profile for color negs, the best we can do is make the image look good on a calibrated display and then convert into the Working Space (usually using the custom display profile as the source, something you could try with the D1 if you didn’t want to deal with profiling the beast).

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