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I have played with a D1 but don't claim any expertise in it. What I can say
for sure is, if the problem is that fleshtones are too magenta, then
assuming that the files are NTSC is going to make that problem worse, not

Nikon claims the D1 shots into NTSC but I don’t know if Nikon really has a clue either way. I can tell you with a custom input profile for the D1, the problem skin tone issues disappear. And not just the magenta but a problem with highlights blocking up (or I should say appearing to block up). Bringing a file into Photoshop assuming it’s one RGB space when it’s a mile away from that space makes a profound impact on what we see and what we eventually get when converting to an output space. Simply assigning the correct profile in Photoshop 6 makes this all disappear (because in reality, it’s not really there). The files appear magenta and print poorly because we are making a very bad assumption about the RGB we have. It’s as if we had a file in SWOP Uncoated newsprint but viewed it as if it were SWOP coated glossy stock. The preview would be wrong, the file would output wrong with that incorrect tag to SWOP coated. Take the file and output on the right device (or Assign the correct profile) and the preview and output are fine and dandy!

Andrew Rodney

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