Re: Phototshop 8.0 path issues

Andrew Engelhardt

Turn the path on, drag the arrow/cursor/selection tool across the path
to make all parts of it active, then make selection. You may also have
to turn on or turn off the "Exclude overlapping path areas" button at
the top of the tool bar. The pen tool has to be selected in order for
these options to show up. Hope that helps.
- Andrew Engelhardt

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Sent: September 14, 2005 1:19 PM
Subject: [colortheory] Phototshop 8.0 path issues

I've had issues with paths in the past.
If I had a path, with inner paths....
(like a bike tire, with all the spokes..etc.)
...when I made the path into a selection,
it would only make the circle, not all the spokes.
So, I worked around that.

Recently, when I make a selection, it selects the inverse
of what I clipped out. With simple paths, I can simply
select the inverse. However, I'm trying to do some very complicated
paths...add from...etc.

I just reinstalled, and I'm still having problems.
Are there clipping prefs?...Any other advice?


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