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<< I have played with a D1 but don't claim any expertise in it. What I can say
for sure is, if the problem is that fleshtones are too magenta, then
assuming that the files are NTSC is going to make that problem worse, not
better. >>

Problem of bad fleshtones is called Magenta problem but in reality it is
problem of Reds having too much Magenta and Cyan and not enough Yellow (and
Yellows being contaminated with Cyan). The first step to correct this
problem is to pull red curve to reduce Cyan in midtones and next puling Green
curve to reduce magenta. Combined effect of pulling red and green curves
increase yellow and reduce cyan in skin tones, reds and yellows. Converting
from NTSC to ColorMatch is helpful to bring other colors and reducing overall
dullness due to different gamma of those color spaces. Whenever I tell D1
user he needs to make D1 image redder to make it better he thinks I am joking
but I really don't. It is too much CYAN and MAGENTA in flesh tones that make
it ugly and the only way to reduce Cyan is to make image temporary more red
untill puling green will reduce magenta and increase yellow.


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