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Dan Margulis <76270.1033@...>

Bob writes,

Its not a matter of being wider. Its a matter of matching what Nikon was
targeting their output to. Why, I don't know... but Nikon has said that
Nikon D1 in camera processing is done with output to NTSC rgb in mind. It
has to be going to some definition of RGB and that's what Nikon chose.>>

I have played with a D1 but don't claim any expertise in it. What I can say
for sure is, if the problem is that fleshtones are too magenta, then
assuming that the files are NTSC is going to make that problem worse, not

But it really depends on the image. I've shot over ten thousand exposures
with lower-end Nikons and it's pretty clear that NTSC isn't the right RGB
for them, although it may be for the D1 for all I know. OTOH, I was in the
hardest-hit county of the northeast storm this Saturday and went out and
shot in it when the snow was at its heaviest. Those exposures would have
been better opened in NTSC. But the bottom line is that the quality of the
data was phenomenal and if I had to produce a printable picture of the
blizzard I'd prefer to start with that cheap capture than with a chrome and
a drum scan.

What's needed on the lower end cameras is an option to deliver raw files
those that want to milk these things for all they can do. Access to the raw
files allows a tremendous amount of control over what the image looks


Dan Margulis

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