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I know the problem you are talking about as I use D1 to shoot weddings and
"Magenta" problem is well known problem particulary to those shooting people
pictures. Part of bad skin tones color problem is due to making color
corections in wrong color space as in camera color processing use color space
close to NTSC characteristics and conversion to CMYK is done from let say
AdobeRGB/ColorMatch color spaces. Another problem with D1 files is that CCD
sensor has big sensitivity to Ultraviolet and Infrared light what makes
properly exposed files contain too much cyan in reds and yellows. If you add
not accurate White Ballance settings on some captures (auto WB is very bad so
try to set it manualy). As a experiment convert raw D1 file to CMYK from NTSC
color space and open the same file into your working space (without asigning
NTSC) and change mode to CMYK and you will see big difference beetween those
two CMYK files. The best way to deal with Nikon D1 files is to process them
by using Bibble or MacBibble software that was created for processing RAW Nef
D1 files (without need for expensive Nikon Capture software) but works great
with in camera processed JPGs or TIFs as well. For those processing in
Photoshop asigning NTSC color space and converting to working color space
plus pulling green and red curves can also do the trick. If anyone is using
ColorMacth I have to add that adjusting gamma is also neccesary as properly
exposed D1 file has gamma closer to 2.2 than native ColorMatch gamma 1.8
Properly adjusted D1 files can have beautiful color if you want to see sample
open this image below:
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