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Gordon Pritchard <gordon_pritchard@...>

Whenever the question is asked at a GATF or GRACoL conference, that I have
attended in the past five years, about the usage of ICC color managed
workflows typically out of audiences of about 5-700 people less than 10
usually raise their hand. Most of those that do use it primarily fo manage
their color inkjet proofers.

I will try and track down the following reference sites of Chris and Andrew:

"A customer of mine, without my intervention, was encouraged to use and was
provided an ICC profile by their printer, Courier Printing, a book printer.
The profile made good separations, and is being used to produce in-house
soft proofs and hard proofs."

"There is a local company in Denver that reportedly uses ICC profiles,
although I'm not sure to what degree. The name of that printer is

"Courier Printing, a book printer."

"Bennett Graphics in Atlanta"

In the meanwhile, Chris or Andrew, or any other consultants on this you have any printer customers clients yourselves that you have
set up with an ICC color managed workflow that I could visit?

thx - gordo

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