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Gordo writes,

Much has been written on this forum about the increasing adoption and
success of ICC color management among printers.>>

Much has been written about this increasing adoption and success for more
than five years now. Mysteriously, however, after this half-decade of
continually increasing adoption, none of these successful printers have
come forward in trade shows or in the press, or to advertise their success
with ICC methods to prospective clients.

The "ICC color management" being used by such printers as have been even
peripherally identified with the concept has, in all the cases I'm aware
of, amounted to either a) They will, if asked, honor an embedded tag in an
incoming client file, although they don't embed tags in their own; or b)
They have calibrated (or had someone calibrate for them) certain of their
devices, and it happens that this involves the use of third-party software
to create an ICC profile, IOW they are grafting an ICC profile onto
traditional methodology.

If any printers are doing more, I'd certainly love to hear about it from a
credible observer (i.e. not a vendor of color management services) and I
imagine that others in the group would feel the same way. So, if you should
encounter such a company, I know we'd like a report, even if the company
can't be named.

Dan Margulis

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