CNSW Delegates


Hi Everyone,

I am in Ballina at present where we have just completed the CNSW GC
handicap doubles tournament which, incidentally was won by Graham
Innocent (Dubbo) & Ray Vise (Forster). It has been a good event with
24 teams playing in 3 blocks of 8 with some games being played at
Byron Bay and most at Ballina, (who have exceptionally good lawns.)

Tournaments provide an opportunity for each of us to discuss issues
related to operating a club and one such issue is the appointment of
delegates to the CNSW council. Many country clubs are too remote to
have a delegate to attend the CNSW council meetings and so the
constitution allows for such clubs to be represented by a proxy
delegate. Unfortunately many clubs have neither a delegate or proxy
delegate and so they cannot have an input to the running of the

The CNSW constitution restricts a proxy delegate to only representing
one club and, in an ideal world, each country club would have someone
close enough to Tempe to attend CNSW council meetings (only 4 per
year). The purpose of this email is to find out which clubs would
like to have a proxy delegate and to find enough people to act as
proxy delegates on their behalf.

I am currently the proxy delegate for Sawtell CC but, as I am no
longer the Senior Vice Pres of the organization, it might be more
appropriate for someone else to speak/vote on behalf of the Sawtell

Anyone interested?

Roger Evans

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