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Jan Sage

Hi Brenda,

I can't really answer your question because I am not one of "they".
Even yesterday someone told me the game would look after itself if they got rid of double taps and crushes as faults. Maybe so - but much of the challenge would be gone and the game would gradually come down to the lowest common denominator.
All players are entitled to make their thoughts known to the WCF GC Rules Committee. The chairman is Gordon Smith g.e.smith@... and the Australian representative is Gordon Matthews NDR GC gjmatt@...


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Why don't they just call them all "Faults"? It would save so much mucking


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Hi Jan,

That makes sense but, since Clause 13(a) defines a striking fault as a
fault that occurs between the "time a striker's ball is struck by the
mallet until the striker leaves the stance under control" then any lawn
damage during the period would be considered a striking fault rather
than a non-striking fault anyway. I wonder why it was necessary to bring
out the new ruling?


On 1/04/2012 7:37, Jan Sage wrote:

Hi Roger,

Court damage is always a fault, whether the damage is caused after the
mallet contacts the ball, or without the mallet contacting the ball.
Court damage is a striking fault under Rule 13 [a] [14] and a non
striking fault under Rule 12 [b]. Note that the non striking fault
includes damage by the mallet, feet or other equipment.

Simply put, it means that you cannot commit a non striking fault
during the striking period.

This ruling is an interim measure and the wording of the Rule will no
doubt be looked at during the Rules review this year.


From: Roger Evans
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Hi Jan,

Clause 12(b) relates to damage to the court as a result of an 'air swing
or other careless use of mallet, feet or other equipment'. Does this
new ruling mean that it is _not a fault_ if the court is damaged between
the time the strikers mallet hits the ball and when the striker leaves
the stance? Or does it mean that any court damage within the specified
time window is considered to be a striking fault rather than a
non-striking fault as defined in clause 12(b).

Maybe I am a bit thick but I have read the ruling several times together
with Clause 12(b) and it is as clear as mud.

Can you please tell us what it means.

Roger Evans

On 29/03/2012 16:25, janmomonenek wrote:

Sent from Gordon Matthews NDR GC, to all Australian SDRs,

The WCF GC Rules Committee has asked me to issue the following new
ruling immediately, regarding Rule 12 (non-striking faults):

"Rule 12 Ruling
The provisions of clause 12(b) shall not apply to a striker during the
between when the striker's mallet makes first contact with the striker's
ball and when the striker leaves his stance under control"

I will add this to the official rulings document on our website
shortly. Thanks.

Martin French
World Croquet Federation

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