Re: Hoop Setting - an idiots guide?

Max Murray

Hello Peter

Just a comment regarding rabbit runs. Our Greenkeeper has a tool like a
biscuit cutter and the diameter is smaller than the inside width of the
carrots. When we get rabbit runs he just cuts these out and then gets a
replacement from the edge of the court and wacks it back in place with a
mallet and a large block of wood to make sure it is flat. No hilling.

When our hoops loosen we put dry sphagnum moss in and the drive the hoops in
- only small amounts of moss to minimise hilling.

Max M

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Canberra has somewhat loamy soil, so not only do hoops loosen up during
play and rabbit runs develop but we can eventually end up with quite
large caverns underneath the hoop. If not fixed, they reach right
across between the carrot holes, and the lawn surface between the hoop
legs starts flexing under any pressure!

Fixing the latter requires adding horrifying large amounts of grass
clippings, soil and/or spanish moss - while being careful not to create

Has anyone else had this problem? Is it caused by careless digging to
tighten hoops?

Does anyone have an "idiots guide" to how to correctly adjust hoop
widths, preferably with (very) simple diagrams? I was about to do one,
but realised I am probably reinventing the wheel.

Regards, peter

Canberra Croquet Club

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