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Pauline et al – both the AC & GC Eights are invitation events held each year for the best players in Australia.   

·        GC in early Feb, and AC in Oct, both held at Cairnlea in Melb. 

·        Players will be allocated into each GC Eight based on their World Ranking in late Jan 2020. 

·        The event lasts 3 days, and you are expected to complete seven best-of-3 matches, playing each of the other players in your Eight.  It is a straight round robin – there are no finals. 

·        You can get an idea by looking at the 2019 GC Eights 15-17 Feb at


To avoid the sequential delays inherent in inviting the top players, then waiting for each of them to decide if they’re available, and so on, the Selectors instead advertise to see who is available, and then invite the top 24 available players to fill the three Open Eights, plus 8 women (not already in an Open Eight) to fill the Women’s Eight.  There is a reserve list in case anyone has to pull out after accepting.


Expressions of Interest in the 2020 GC Eights have been open since Oct, and will close at midnight (AWST) on 30 November 2019.


Normally we post a list on croquetscores of who has expressed interest (ie is available) both to confirm who we think has expressed interest, and to remind those who meant to do so, but haven’t, to get their EoI in.  The GC Selectors decided not to do so this time, but will no doubt be progressively listing who has accepted, once the invitations go out in Dec.


Finally, please note the explanation of the cost-sharing arrangements below.


Regards, peter

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Hi Peter

Is this an invitational event or what / where is the description of entrants?  (no description on website).




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Croquet Australia is calling for expressions of interest for the 2020 Golf Croquet President’s Eights.


The Golf Croquet Eights will be held at Cairnlea, Victoria, from 31 January to 2 February 2020 – this is a bit earlier than usual, but we’re impacted by the 2020 AC World Champs at Cairnlea later in Feb 2020.


Please send an email to express your interest to Anne Quinn.  


We still have vacancies so the closing date for entries has been extended to midnight (AWST) on 30 November 2019.


Could we also clarify that the reason for the $280 entry fee is that this is a cross subsidy scheme to refund travel costs, so that players travelling to Melbourne get around 55% of their travel costs back.  That doesn’t help local Melbourne players much, but they get to sleep in their own beds each night and don’t have to pay for accommodation, so it all balances out.  This is currently under review by ACA, and your views on this are welcome….

Regards, peter
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