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Alix Verge

I think nothing relieves player B of his obligation to play red onto the lawn in the 4th turn rather than striking yellow a second time so yellow to be returned to corner 4 and player B plays red onto the lawn from a baulk line ie the ball he should have played 4th turn. Just roll back to last legal strokeĀ 

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From: Ron Humpherson <rafbim@...>
Date: 31/03/2019 8:48 pm (GMT+10:00)
Subject: [cnswplayers] Start of game Wrong Ball problem

At the Mosman AC tournament this weekend I was called to adjudicate on this situation at the start of the game

  1. Player A correctly plays Blue to East boundary
  2. Player B correctly plays Yellow to Corner 4

  3. Player A plays Red to West boundary and measures in

  4. Wrong ball called
  5. Player A places Black on baulk-line in Corner 3 but Red is left in place

  6. Player B shoots Yellow at Red, misses and measures in
  7. Wrong ball called
  8. Referee called
I ruled:
  1. Return Yellow to Corner 3
  2. Remove Red and place anywhere on baulk-lines
  3. Player A to continue
Was this correct? the discussion with other refs here was uncertain.


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