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Kaye Martin

 Helen, I have used MYOB extensively in the past and agree with a previous opinion that it would not be suitable for a croquet club.

I would recommend Cashflow Manager ( which I have also used for many years and am currently doing so, though not for croquet.....yet.

It is extremely user friendly, the data input page looks just like an excel spreadsheet, the reports simple and useful.

Price will no doubt be a consideration. This is $22 p/month unlimited transactions and includes telephone support.  It does not include wages. 

I am not familiar with Xero so have no opinion on the programme itself, but it is $30 p/m.

Hope this helps rather than confuses
Kaye Martin

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I don't feel qualified to recommend wether your club should or shouldn't move from excel. However, if you do move to an accounting package like MYOB then I recommend you use a package that provides internet access and hosting.

The advantages being:

1) your data is automatically backed up

2) there is no software to install or update

3) 1 or more nominated members can access the data

MYOB has internet facilities.

I've heard good things about Xero for accounting. I don't know if it has membership capabilities or not.

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I am on the committee of the Southern Highlands Croquet Club and am seeking information on how other Clubs record their finances and membership lists.

We are currently using Excel and as our membership is increasing the Committee is considering converting to a package such as MYOB. 

I would appreciate any information, guidance on systems currently in use at your Club as to what might be an appropriate option.

All assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Best Regards

Helen Coventry

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