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Max Murray

Hello Wal

Roger’s  explanation of Laser levelling is great and tells you all about it.

We have laser levelled for some years now and the result has been good BUT our then greenkeeper did not fully accept the result.   

What happened at our club is that after laser levelling, the green keepers drive in pegs set at exactly level about 5 -10 mm above the highest point and then place rails on top of the pegs .  They then spread a layer of top soil and drag a levelling “board” over the rails to level the last top soil at what they believe is now a level surface.  A bit pedantic perhaps but it certainly gives a level surface.   

Hope you can follow this layman’s explanation.

Max Murray

On 07/12/2017, at 2:02 PM, Wal Mills wrote:

Has anyone had any experience with laser levelling of croquet or other courts.

Has it worked okay, What about over time?
What equipment was used, tractor, grader or other?

Looking to possibilities in the future on our courts at Maitland.


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