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John Eddes


The green keeper at Tempe uses this product during the rapid growing season particularly and was probably applying the second application this summer today. He agrees with the claimed benefits and these are evident at Tempe although reducing rabbit runs is a bit problematic. I  do not know the dilution he uses. It reduces frequency of mowing and reduces cut grass that in some clubs is difficult to dispose of.

If you wish to talk to our green keeper let me know.

John Eddes

On 30/01/2017 11:16 AM, Alix Verge wrote:
Hi Roger,

I asked my chief groundsman at RSGC and he said Primo is a fabulous product that is widely used here and on most golf courses Sept to March. They do NOT use it in areas of high wear eg grass tennis courts and bowling greens as it inhibits regrowth too much but on feature lawns and surrounds of these areas they spray 750mm per hectare ..... but it can be diluted further to 300 per hectare and still have very noticeable effect. For lower concentrations they do not use iron fertilizer in the mix but do for the stronger because the downside is loss of colour - and lack of regrowth in high wear areas like corner 4 and rabbit runs. I asked if one could simply spray AROUND these areas but got only a non-committal nod ..... i think they operate over such large areas here that missing small patches to order is not in their mental agenda.

I hope this helps,

Alix (mob)
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Date:29/01/2017 12:01 PM (GMT+10:00)
Subject: [cnswplayers] Turf Management

Hi Croquet Greenkeepers,

A couple of our colleague golf club greenkeepers have suggested we apply
a growth regulator called Primo Maxx to our lawns during the summer
growing season.  According to the manufacturer, (Syngenta) Primo Maxx
slows vertical shoot growth while lateral and below ground growth is
enhanced.  The benefits claimed are a denser, healthier turf that is
better able to withstand a variety of stresses including heat, drought,
diseases and traffic.  It almost sounds too good to be true. See:

If the claimed benefits are achieved for a croquet lawn the use of Primo
Maxx should mean less frequent mowing or, at least, the line marking
should last longer.  It also should reduce lawn wear, particular through
the hoops (where we tend to get rabbit runs) and at the GC starting

At Jamberoo we intend to give this product a try but we would be
interested in whether any other clubs have used it and, if so, have the
claimed benefits been achieved in practice on a croquet lawn?


Roger Evans

Jamberoo Croquet Club

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