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Peter Smith

As far as I can see Peter, you have hit the proverbial nail on the head. I assume the CNSW tournament committee will advise us of the make-up of the divisions. Personally I liked the idea of players above 10 not losing points in play but its not in the rules so there it goes.
Not being the world's most advanced mathematician, I assume the "two steps" involved from 12 up has something to do with making the whole range sound great but not doing much at all. While I'm at it why have the minus numbers ? Surely these clever people who devised the scheme, could have made the scale suit 0 to 20 properly with all numerals in that range included. There ! I've said it and most probably put my big foot right in the middle of where it should not be. I dare say I am not the only one thinking that.  THE MAIN THING IS THAT WE HAVE A SYSTEM and we need to support it fully. So we all will need to just shrug off those silly questions and prepare to adopt it fully.
Peter Smith

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Brenda et al – my reading of the revised Rule 16 that will apply from 3 April 2017 (see: ) is that:
·         there are no GC handicaps of 13, 15, 17 or 19 – the steps below 12 are in multiples of 2, so you go from 12 to 14, and 14 to 16 (see the revised trigger points on p4);
·         everyone will now gain or lose points, including at either end of the range (which explains how someone might drop to 14 or 16); and
·         I gather that CNSW is likely to stick to the 3 existing GC Divisions ie Div 1 would now be -3 to 4; Div 2 stays 5 to 8; and Div 3 is 9 or higher (I suggest that anyone on more than GC 12 shouldn’t be playing GC Pennants until their handicap improves).  No doubt CNSW will confirm this before the 2017 GC Pennants entry closes…
Regards, peter
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