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As it is the ACA who are "in charge" of "and responsible for" the introduction of the new system. The (good) questions you have asked are probably being asked by other states and should be answered directly by the ACA. The worse thing that could happen is that CNSW or any other state association issues any form of statement or ruling and gets it wrong. FYI there were no real problems when it was introduced in the UK (I was there when it was both in 2015 when it was being trialled in 2016 shortly after it was introduced).

Steve Thornton

On 30 December 2016 at 20:46, Jimbo <jimbo.croquet@...> wrote:
I would suggest that you email your concerns to the CNSW board as many of the questions require official response.


On 22 Dec 2016 11:28 PM, "Brenda Evans" <Brenda@...> wrote:
Hello All,

Having read the information (available on the ACA website) defining the new Handicap system for Golf Croquet, I have the following concerns/questions:

1.     With the current system, players on handicaps of 10, 11 and 12 do not lose index points. Will a similar rule apply to the new system? If so, for what handicap range?

2.     Currently there are 3 grades of players -     
        division 1 (handicaps 0 to 4)
        division 2 (handicaps 5 to 8)
        division 3 (handicaps 9 to 12)
How many grades will there be in the new system and what will be the handicap ranges?
3.        The CNSW Events page is advertising pennants and championship events  with closing dates prior to the introduction of the new rules, starting before that date and
            continuing after the date (e.g. divisions 2 and 3 pennants) When will the information (mentioned in point 2) be made available?

4.        The instruction for the Setting of Initial Handicaps gives a system to allocate handicaps ranging from 7 to 16. Why, then, are there handicaps of 18 and 20?
            How does one "achieve" a handicap of 18 or 20 ? What happenned to handicaps of 13, 15, 17 and 19?

5.        When will the new handicap cards be available, both physically and on line, for download?

6.        When this system was being trialled in UK, it was stated that handicaps would not change during an event. Why is this not included by ACA? This, in particular, 
            would eliminate the situation where, in a match of the best of 3 games, both players reach a trigger point (the winner improving his handicap and the loser moving to a
            poorer handicap) and then the loser of that game wins the next 2 games, thus winning the match. This means that the person who loses the match has
            improved his handicap and the winner of the match has "gone backwards". It is interessting to note the following found on

Handicap changes do not necessarily become effective immediately. They only become effective at the end of the tournament if it is a CA Calendar Fixture or any other tournament lasting no more than four days. In all other cases handicap changes become effective at the end of the day. If a player's index goes through a trigger point and then goes back through the same trigger point during the tournament or day, their handicap does not change.

I look forward to receiving clarification of these points.

Brenda Evans

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