Re: Offside balls in GC

Tony Hall

Dear Brenda,

White has still come off Green.  Thus it is not offside. Rule 10(b)(3).

Your second question depends on how the potentially offside ball(s) reached their positions.



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On 14 May 2016, at 7:13 am, Brenda Evans <brenda@...> wrote:

Hi All,

I would just like to ask about a situation we had this morning.

Pink runs hoop 5

White is more than half way to hoop 6 but is not offside, having come off green.

Brown immediately runs hoop 6.

White has not moved but is also halfway to hoop 7 (coming from hoop 6)

Is White offside now?

I know this has happened occasionally when a player runs hoop 11 and, before all players have taken a turn, hoop 12 is run. The same question arises : are balls offside if they are still near hoop 11 (and therefore near hoopp 13)???

Thank you.

Brenda Evans

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