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Hi Roberta,

I am not a great  fan of Facebook but if you would like to advertise this list on Facebook then please do so.  I suspect that many of us old timers are more comfortable with an e-mail list than Facebook.



On 10/05/2016 5:22 PM, Roberta Flint via wrote:
Hi Roger
Perhaps it would be useful to share this information on the cnsw community facebook page as there may be people on it more interested in this format?


On Tue, 10 May, 2016 at 8:30 AM, Roger Evans

Hi CNSW Players,

You are receiving this e-mail from the new '' platform and all the valid members of the old Yahoo list have now been transferred.

The message archive from the old list has also been transferred and so everything should now be up and running.

As mentioned before, at this stage the list is open so that anyone can subscribe to it but, if this becomes a problem, we can restrict it so that a moderator must approve a new subscription.  By leaving it open it makes subscription to the list easier.  A moderator can send an invitation to someone and all they then need to do is to reply to the message to validate the subscription.   Alternatively, anyone can go to the associated web site: and click on 'Join this Group' and be guided through a couple of simple steps to subscribe.

The group e-mail address is and, at present, there are 66 subscribers. You can see who is subscribed at:

An e-mail sent to the group list will be sent to all subscribers and a reply will also go to everyone.

On the left hand side of the 'Home' page you will find a number of menu tabs, one of which is a Wiki where I have attempted to define the purpose of the group and what I believe it should be used for.  If anyone would like to add to, or comment on it, then, as with any Wiki, it can evolve over time.

Hopefully this list will continue to help us share knowledge on the sport we all love.



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