Logging on


Hi Players,

One thing I forgot to mention in the previous e-mail is that if you want to access the features of the main web site at: https://groups.io/g/cnswplayers it will be necessary to log on.  It is the only way that the site can check whether you are a subscriber.

If you receive this e-mail then you are subscribed to the list and so to open up the other features on the main site just go to the 'Log In' link just under the Green box which says 'Join This Group'.  It will ask you to enter  your e-mail address and password but, since the passwords were not transferred from the Yahoo group, click on the link which says 'Forget your password'.  It will  send an e-mail to your address with a link which will allow you to set a password.  As an alternative, it will also allow you to log on from Facebook.



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