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Couldn’t agree more!

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Hmmm - maybe. I had surfiechick as a nom-de-net for years on the notts list because I felt I had no street cred and would never had posted if I had had to use my real name. Puzzling for others, yes, but I would otherwise have kept silent. Why do we need to "figure out who has said what"? It is the comment, not the person, we should be assessing as we read. The moderator can decide who oversteps the mark and block postings if appropriate.
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Agree being as open an inclusive as possible to start with and only filtering if an issue emerges.
The one protocol I would suggest is people sign their name to any comment or message. Sometimes it is hard to figure out who has said what, or will the new platform remedy this in some way?

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Hi Rik,

I have left it open to start with and if there are any 'undesirables' they can be removed.  We can, however, restrict it so that new applications will require approval.  This can be done later if we have a problem but it will make it slightly more difficult to join which is why I though it best to leave it unrestricted in the early stage.



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Only question is that in group policies, theirs is no control over membership, is this a good idea?

Site look good and quicker than yahoo

Good move



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