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Hi CNSW players,

Thanks to all who responded to the suggestions that we transfer this list from Yahoo Groups to  Since no one seemed to be against the transfer I will take it to the next stage.

I have set up a new cnswplayers list on but have not transferred the membership yet.   We will probably refine things a bit as we go along but, initially, the intention is to leave access to the group fairly open which will make it easier for people to subscribe.  As with the Yahoo Groups list the new list has a web site which provides some information on the group and some basic rules of what it can be used for.  You can check out this web site at:  (Brenda is not happy with the header banner and so it will improved.)

This web site allows players to join the group simply by clicking on 'Join this Group' and entering their e-mail address. The system will then send you an e-mail to confirm that the e-mail address is correct and, once you confirm it, your are subscribed.  You use you usual e-mail address and don't have to create any special address.

During the coming week I will transfer all the subscriptions, and messages from the Yahoo groups to  The transfer will not remove the Yahoo group and so both will be available initially and, assuming everyone is happy with the new system, I can then remove the Yahoo Group list.

As I have set up the list I am listed as the 'Owner' but it can/should have more than one owner and moderator and so if anyone would like to help manage the group (it's pretty easy) then, once everyone is subscribed, I will promote them.

In the meantime any comments or suggestions are welcome.



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