List Problems


Hi CNSW players,

This list is hosted on a Yahoo Groups platform but Yahoo are not improving it and, in fact, their service seems to be going backward. As some of you may have experienced, it is cumbersome to change even something as simple as an e-mail address and the complexity of joining the list is such that it has it has put people off.

The Yahoo Groups platform was initially developed by a guy called Mark Fletcher who subsequently sold it to Yahoo who have tended to let it decline.

Mark Fletcher has been somewhat frustrated by this and so he has developed a new e-mail list platform called ''. You can read a bit of the history at:

I manage a couple of other e-mail lists and have already changed one of them over to the new '' platform. This new platform is more user friendly and easier to manage than the Yahoo platform and, though it is still being developed, (its a Beta version) it is performing very well and the listees are happy with it. Unless anyone has a problem with changing to the new platform I propose that we transfer the CNSWplayers group to it. The transfer can be carried out transparently to all the existing subscribers and the only thing that would change would be that to send a message to the list would go to rather

Any Comments?



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