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Alix Verge

Excellent. This shows the utility of GC players learning AC too. You learn to play this sort of "roll" in contact situations, get lots of practice of stun shots (equivalent of AC's "rush") and would eventually improve cut clearances where you wish the cleared ball to go in a particular direction in order to wire etc. Then there is the basic improvement in GC clearance rates derived from mastering the tension of the lift shot - without a successful roquet there's no turn so it's a considerable incentive to improve one's basic aim.

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Perfectly Legal

Rule 10 (b) 3

(3) contact with an opponent's ball, however this exemption does not result from a ball played away from an opponent’s ball with which it was in contact, unless it moves that ball in the stroke; or

If playing a roll of that distance you must have shaken the opponent's ball.


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