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Jan Sage

Official Rulings on the 2007 Edition of the WCF Golf Croquet Rules (GCOR2011) January 2011
10.2 Ruling
The exemption under Rule 10(b)(3) does not result from a ball being played away from an opponent ball with which it was in contact.
Jan Sage

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Hi Alix,
I can't see why it would not be legal. Looks like a pretty smart move to me!

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Hmmm - touching balls - can anyone give me a definite answer to this rare (but exciting) scenario .....
If my red is jawsed in hoop 1 but yellow (the striker) is in contact with blue and I do a roll which sends blue off the court by corner 3 (with no hope of clearing red) and yellow to hoop 2 will yellow be legal after red runs the hoop? Has starting in contact fulfilled the requirement of coming off an opponent's ball?
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Thanks Brenda


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Hello Roberta,
When the balls are close, there is a danger of a double tap. If they are touching, it does not matter how they are hit. The situation usually arises when a ball is partway through a hoop and an opponents ball is on the other side ready to knock it out!

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Why does having the balls touch resolve this?


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Hi Brenda,
When people make such a claim – eg limit of turns with close but non-touching balls – I ask them to show me where it is written in the Rules or Tournament Regulations. If it is not written, it does not apply. Over time I have been confronted by a number of quaint ideas, such as “the mallet must not touch your clothing” or “ the ball may only be placed in C4, at the beginning of the game, with your hand.”
Jan Sage
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Thanks, Tony.
A few people have said there is a limit with the non-touching balls so it is good to know the right answer!! It can be a very interesting part of the game!

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On 21 Mar 2016, at 13:39, Tony Hall tony.hall@... [cnswplayers] <cnswplayers@...> wrote:

Dear Brenda,
1.  No.
2.  I am not aware of any, except that the games should be competitive, not social.
Best Regards,

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Hello Golf Croquet Players
I have two situations for which I think we need clarification :

1.     In a case where 2 balls are close (in the hoop) but not touching, is there a limit to the number of turns taken until one player finally gets the balls to touch and thus resolve the conflict?

2.    Are there any restrictions that apply to the use of handicap cards for time-limited games?
Thank you, in anticipation
Brenda Evans
Golf Croquet Captain
Jamberoo Croquet CLub Inc

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