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Peter Freer

This came up several times at Wagga Wagga last weekend, and several people thought there was an impasse rule if 2 balls remained stymied for 3 turns.  As Tony & Jan indicate, there is no limit for how long this can go on, which is very annoying for any double-banked games following on.  The Conditions of Play at Wagga Wagga did allow the referee to mark the first game down and play the second game through if they’d been baulked for at least 5 minutes, although I’m not aware that this had to be used – the first time I’ve seen this as an option.


Adding to misapprehensions, it is common for players to think their mallet must not touch a hoop during their stroke, but this is legal - provided no ball is moved only via the hoop (either the strikers ball or another ball).  That is a striking fault under Rule 13(10).  This is also the reason to be very careful removing a clip before a jump – it may be better to ask a referee to do so, if it is likely to cause the hoop to move a jawsed ball.  It is also legal to rest a hand on, or grip, the hoop during your stroke – although this is usually not very useful, since it tends to limit your movement too much.


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Mon Mar 21, 2016 5:37 pm (EST) . Posted by: "Jan Sage" janmomonenek

Hi Brenda,
When people make such a claim – eg limit of turns with close but non-touching balls – I ask them to show me where it is written in the Rules or Tournament Regulations. If it is not written, it does not apply. Over time I have been confronted by a number of quaint ideas, such as “the mallet must not touch your clothing” or “ the ball may only be placed in C4, at the beginning of the game, with your hand.”
Jan Sage

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Thanks, Tony.
A few people have said there is a limit with the non-touching balls so it is good to know the right answer!! It can be a very interesting part of the game!

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Dear Brenda,
1. No.
2. I am not aware of any, except that the games should be competitive, not social.
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Hello Golf Croquet Players
I have two situations for which I think we need clarification :
1. In a case where 2 balls are close (in the hoop) but not touching, is there a limit to the number of turns taken until one player finally gets the balls to touch and thus resolve the conflict?
2. Are there any restrictions that apply to the use of handicap cards for time-limited games?

Thank you, in anticipation
Brenda Evans
Golf Croquet Captain
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