Lawn mowers


Hi Lawns maintainers,

I didn't get much of a response to my query on what lawnmowers clubs are using but those I did get (mainly off the list) were very useful and the comments are appreciated.
Some clubs are using electric mowers but a wide (900 mm) electric mower probably needs a three phase supply which we don't have available.

We are still considering a few different options but are tending to focus in on a petrol driven walk-behind mower. Unfortunately there are not a lot of wide cylinder type mowers on the market and some (eg Scott Bonnar and M.E.Y.) are no longer being manufactured.

A mower that looks promising, at least on paper, is the MowMaster DC26T, a 36 inch wide mower manufactured in WA. Is anyone on this list using such a mower and, if so, I would be interested in hearing how it performs, its reliability etc

Roger Evans
Jamberoo CC

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