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Margaret Sawers

At Nowra we will not be buying Quadway hoops we already have 6 sets of Dawson hoops and as we are working towards building two new courts this is our only priority now. I have played the quadways and really can’t see what all of the fuss is about, our division 3 pennant team had never even seen the hoops until the finals last year but this didn’t stop them winning the finals


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1) no. It will either ruin the quadway hoop holes or unnessarily add hoop holes to the court.

2) yes.

3) no. Quadways are superior hoops and are being used at more and more locations including Cairnlea, VIC & SACA SA

4) yes to the question you didn't ask. Buy Quadways for Mosman.

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Dear Clubs

At Mosman we are facing the question "Do we purchase Quadway Hoops or

We notice that CNSW has not made a definite decision on whether all
clubs need to change to Quadway Hoops. However, last year one of our
GC teams got to the semi-finals with the finals being played at
Tempe. Tempe only uses Quadway Hoops which many players find quite
different to the old Australian Croquet Company or Davidson hoops
(painted or powder-coated white).

Therefore, do we

1 Bring our own hoops to Tempe (for finals)

2 Request an afternoon to practice with the Quadway Hoops

3 Request CNSW to stick with the old-style hoops until a decision is
made to adopt Quadway Hoops across the State or even Australia.

What do you think?

Mary Gibson


Tim Murphy

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