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Hi Players,

As a follow up to my previous query regarding mowing cut height it is clear that we are out of step with what is generally used at other clubs. I received 6 replies to my query on this list and the mowing cut height ranged from 4.5 mm to 6 mm.
As a result I am now investigating the possibility of us purchasing our own mower since few (if any) of the local mowing contractors can mow with a cylinder type mower (which is necessary to cut down to 5 mm). We anticipate that we would have to buy a mower and then pay for someone to use it to cut the lawns and so there is a trade off between the initial cost of the mower and the ongoing labour cost to mow. Clearly, the wider the cut width the less time it will take to mow and, hence, the lower the mowing cost (and also the less time the lawns are out of service for mowing)

In my initial survey of cylinder type mowers, so far, the cutting width ranges from about 450 mm for a self propelled 'walk-behind' mower to 2500 mm for a multi cutting head ride-on mower.

My next query is, what brand of mower and width of cut are other clubs using?

Thanks in anticipation
Roger Evans
Jamberoo Croquet Club

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