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Mary Gibson

Dear Brenda
To add to the confusion, Mosman has tertiary balls and they are referred to as:

Turquoise and Magenta  v  Gold and Silver.

Here's hoping you play the right ball.
Mary Gibson

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I  always thought it was Orange and grey and purple and aqua but cat food and dog food made me laugh!




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Hello All,
At Jamberoo, while one lawn has been out of service for renovation, it has been necessary to use the tertiary balls so that players are not sitting around waiting to play.
The question is - well, actually 2 questions :

What are the correct names for the colours and in which order should they be played?

I have found  porridge, peach, slate and aubergine for Barlow balls
but ours are Dawson balls.

I have also found

  • Turquoise & Burgundy v Orange & Gray
  • Lilac, Turquoise, Orange and Purple
  • Lemonade, Orangeade, Catfood and Dogfood

Before everyone is totally confused, I think it's time to make a decision so would be very grateful for some input here before I put an article in our club newsletter.
Thanks, in advance!
Brenda Evans

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