Recently I finished working as a full time contractor after twenty five years. In the New Year, I'll be looking into new opportunities.

Since I finished my last contract, I've been working on croquet scores full time and here is a list of the improvements that have been made:

  • Changed web hosting company to Microsoft Azure.
  • Added site monitoring to alert me if the site goes down.
  • Previously the site would "go to sleep" if it wasn't used for 20 minutes. That resulted in a very slow startup experience for first user after 20 minutes. That site now always remains "awake".
  • Fixed confirmation email sent on successful registration.
  • Many improved internal procedures:
    • Improved & simplified deployment system.
    • More automated tests.
    • Improved test system.
    • Shaved 1.8 seconds off application startup.
    • Updated library dependencies.
    • Added load testing. Load testing simulates how the site will respond with a number of connected users.


P.S. I had hoped to do more with croquet scores over Christmas / New Year break. However a broken elbow from Monday's bicycle accident hampered those plans. One hand typing is hard enough, add in a curly braces, { }, which require shift key and things get really slow :-(

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