Margaret Sawers

Are there any other clubs out there who include ricochet in their program.
At Nowra I introduced ricochet in the hope that it would encourage members to learn Association, to date I have over 20 members who play ricochet most of whom prefer it to golf and enjoy making breaks of three or more hoops,6 of these people have expressed an interest in association and we plan to run association classes in the new year.
All who play ricochet agree that their Golf croquet games have improved since learning ricochet.
We play ricochet Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons 1pm to 4pm and have as many as 10 players at any time.
We play 14 point games on full sized lawns and sometimes get three games in an afternoon
The people at Nowra who play are keen to promote ricochet and would really love to play in a ricochet tournament but we are unsure just how many other clubs play it. Would any one be interested in a tournament if we were to run one?
Margaret Sawers

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