Re: GC Wrong Ball Rules

Wal Mills

The wording is not the same as your interpretation.
The operative being ''If it is 'noticed'....'before' all four balls have been played".
I believe that none of the incorrect sequence was noticed until all four balls had been played, therefore 5 (f) does not apply.
For 5(f) to apply the blue ball would have to have been discovered as a wrong ball before yellow played.


On 13/10/2014 1:35 PM, Arthur Sawilejskij arthur.sawilejskij@... [cnswplayers] wrote:

A bit late but I offer the following:

5 (f) Balls are outside agencies until they are played into the game in accordance with this rule. If it is noticed that a wrong ball has been played before all four balls have been played into the game, Rule 11 does not apply and the game reverts to its state after the last turn played correctly in sequence.�

In other words, the game is not considered to have started until all balls are played in their correct sequence.

(I won�t complicate the matter with a non-striking fault)

Since this had not occurred - all balls should be taken back and play restarted with Blue.


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