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A bit late but I offer the following:


5 (f) Balls are outside agencies until they are played into the game in accordance with this rule. If it is noticed that a wrong ball has been played before all four balls have been played into the game, Rule 11 does not apply and the game reverts to its state after the last turn played correctly in sequence. 

In other words, the game is not considered to have started until all balls are played in their correct sequence.


(I won’t complicate the matter with a non-striking fault)


Since this had not occurred - all balls should be taken back and play restarted with Blue.









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Thanks gents,
Just goes to show, as at Manly: three different answers. The question is who to sack. Personally I think Wal's is correct and it was the action used at Manly. The last ball was played by the correct side and it was a ball it was entitled to play but not in sequence. Yellow was put back in corner four and play continued with red.


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I'm not a referee but we have been told often enough.
Covered by rule 11 (g)
"(g) If a sequence of wrong ball plays is followed by a ball played in sequence, all of the play is condoned, and play is to continue in sequence."

and for Singles game rule 11 (b) (1)
"(1) if the ball belongs to the striker, no points are scored for any ball, the ball and any other ball moved are replaced, and unless Rule 13 would have applied, the correct ball is played"

In the case in question the last ball played out of sequence was yellow which should have been red. The striker struck his/her own ball be it the wrong one and so above rule applies.


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Sack the ref and start again
That's what all refs I have discussed this with have said.

But the real answer is because all four balls have been played,  the game has started. The last ball played was out of color sequence and "wrong ball played".
The opponent of yellow decide weather yellow stays where it is or is returned to the starting point and then decides which colour plays next.
All the best

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it was singles

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Was this doubles or singles?
Peter Coles

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At the Sea Breeze last week a wrong ball play produced a variety of opinions from the refs on the correct action to take.

Case: At the start of play the four balls were hit-in in the order Black/Red/Blue/Yellow. Only then did the players realise a wrong ball had been played. What is the correct action?

Ron Humpherson







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