Re: Reminder: CNSW Headquarters Member Survey - Please Complete by Monday 4 August

Roberta Flint

Hi Margaret
The response rate to the survey is at over 10% of membership, which a satisfactory rate of return for such surveys. we have now had almost 340 responses from individuals with the Club survey also currently open.

If the members have been unable to complete on line, a paper based version was also sent  with the original advice of the opening of the survey. If you know people who want to complete but have been unable to online for some reason (the tool is a very standard web based application it should have been OK for most users) you could give them a copy of the PDF attached (is meant only for printing and return by mail). We have received a number of returns by this method and all have been entered manually into the survey tool.

Alternatively if any member wishes to email the working group mail box that has been set up for this exercise they can be provided with other assistance in completion.
email is CNSWWorkingGroup@...

working group member

On Friday, 8 August 2014 8:46 AM, "Margaret Sawers margaretsawers1@... [cnswplayers]" <cnswplayers@...> wrote:

Hi Nick
A number of Nowra Croquet club members have been unable to fill this survey
in, I wonder if this is the reason for the low percentage of replies

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- Please Complete by Monday 4 August

Hi Barb,

These are all great questions.  I might leave it to the Exec to cover
these as they are not all quite within the remit of the WG. 

I will say however, that we should not think that Riverstone is the only
other option to Tempe.  There some significant disadvantages with
Riverstone, as there are with Tempe, and the other options being considered -
none are perfect and each comes with its difficulties. 

It is important that we are not thinking that this process is a 'Tempe or
Riverstone' discussion.  It is really a 'What is the best outcome for a HQ'
discussion.  One option we are also considering is a HQ on the north side
of the harbour but closer to the critical mass of other croquet clubs within the
Sydney basin. 

At the end of this process, CNSW and Council will have received a
considered and comprehensive piece of analysis.  We just ask for patience
and understanding while we undertake this important piece of work. 



On 28 July 2014 16:35, Barb Piggott barbpiggott55@... [cnswplayers] <cnswplayers@...> wrote:

Hi All

I have read with interest all the responses on this topic along with discussion on another forum and have come to the conclusion that most players that play in CNSW events are not happy with the Tempe venue especially on Sundays.

The work being conducted by the Working Group is very valuable but has at least two to three months to go before it is finalised. As I first heard about the Riverstone venue in March this year one has to wonder how long this venue will available as an option should the results from the Working Group recommend a move from Tempe. It would appear that it will not now be seriously discussed at Council until at least the December meeting.

As a Director of a Registered Club I am aware that an asset such as Riverstone cannot sit idle for an extended period of time before the Board has to make recommendations to members about the future of the site.

My questions are:

1.  Has the Executive engaged in dialogue with Riverstone RSL Club as to how long they are prepared to leave the site as is until they make recommendations to their members on its future use.

2. As the site is not currently in use, have the lawns deteriorated during this period or are they still being maintained - my guess is they will not be spending a lot of money on an asset that is not producing

3. How long is the current lease at Tempe as this will also impact on any move should that be the recommendation from the Working Group and Council members when it is finally discussed.



On Sunday, 27 July 2014 5:45 PM, "Tim Murphy tim@... [cnswplayers]" <cnswplayers@...> wrote:


Thank you for reminding me of something I forgot to add to my previous email.

The facilities at Tempe are appualing and weekend play is ridiculous. I support a HQ in Sydney basin but not Tempe as it currently stands. I would only support Tempe as our HQ if we were the only users of the venue. An unlikely outcome I'm sure.


On Sunday, July 27, 2014, Margaret Sawers margaretsawers1@... [cnswplayers] <cnswplayers@...> wrote:


I agree with Jan, The atmosphere at clubs when tournaments are held away from Tempe is far superior to that at Tempe plus the facilities at Tempe are far from satisfactory. Weekends at Tempe are a nightmare and Regional clubs would be more likely to be willing to host events if they were given a  reasonable  financial encouragement.
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Well said, Jan.

Everybody who has
ever played in a CNSW tournament - and especially everyone who has decided
NOT to enter a CNSW tournament should complete this survey.


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[cnswplayers] Reminder: CNSW Headquarters Member Survey - Please Complete by
Monday 4 August

The question of Tempe – and anywhere else - as CNSW Headquarters has been discussed for as long as I have been involved in croquet [since January 1994].
There is no expensive headquarters for Golf, Bowls, Hockey, Basketball, Cricket – competitions and championships are played at various venues throughout the state or country.
Money spent on maintenance of Tempe courts could be shared among the hosting venues – standard of facilities at regional clubs could be improved and players outside Sydney would see our better players and have the experience of playing with or against them. 
Division 1 Golf Croquet is currently being played at Forster, with the biggest entry ever – nearly 3 X the number last played in this event at Tempe. Every year there are listed state events that are not played because there are insufficient entries.

The little back rooms – with no kitchen facilities or hot water – are an absolute disgrace and embarrassment.

This is not a question for club committees, but for every individual member of Croquet NSW.

Jan Sage
Taree Croquet Club
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Dear Brenda

The Mosman Croquet Club will be discussing this at their next meeting on 9 August and will reply.  The survey has been sent out to members but we must appreciate that a lot of new members have no idea of what Tempe is like or even have a valued opinion.  If the time could be extended to just after 9 August, we will have had a discussion with older members who will have a better understanding of the issues.  Personally I think it a good idea to have cluster clubs get together to discuss issues (there will be a difference between country and city perceptions) and ventilate opinions.  Not easy.  We do appreciate the survey and will get back to you after 9 August.

Mary Gibson

On 27/07/2014, at 9:50 AM, Brenda Evans brenda@... [cnswplayers] wrote:

Hello Croquet players,
I am disappointed to see that
only 170 responses have been received so
far, for this
survey (ie. 170 out of more than 3,000 in the state)
I am
not part of the working group, but I am concerned that there are
not enough people taking the time to put in an opinion. Please
take the
time to do so, if you have not already, and please
spread the word among
your playing colleagues so that the
working group will get a result from
the wider community,
as we are all part of this organisation and we all
affiliation fees.
Brenda Evans

Thank you all for forwarding this survey to individual
members. We
have considered it very important to hear
directly from individual
members as part of this
process so your assistance in this has been

This is a reminder that
the HQ working group is seeking input from
each of you
on this important topic. Thanks to those that have already
completed this survey.
FYI to date over 170 people have taken the time to complete the
survey, thanks to you all. For those that haven't, it is
not too late!!!

Please click on this
link: HQ Member Survey
( which will take you to the
survey (remember there are 12 questions,
over 4 pages, please use the
"next" button at the
bottom of each page).

While it is
preferred that you submit your response on line, a PDF
version of the survey is attached if you require a paper version, this
is for printing out only, not for use as a PDF form.
Please mail any
paper based responses to CNSW HQ at PO
Box 5096, Marrickville NSW 1475.

survey period will close on Monday 4 August so it is important to
respond as soon as possible.

Nick Chapman
Working Group Chair

*CNSW Headquarters Member Survey - Please Complete by
Monday 4 August*

Please on forward this email to your
members ASAP. Note the survey
will also be
distributed via other mail groups but your co-operation
in reaching maximum membership is most appreciated.

Dear CNSW Members

As you may be aware, CNSW is
currently considering the function,
shape and
location of the state headquarters, currently located at
Tempe in Sydney.

To assist these considerations, the CNSW Executive has
convened a
small working group to look at options
and analysis with regard to
CNSW state
headquarters. We see the resolution of this issue as a
pivotal one for croquet and other mallet sports in
NSW, one that will
potentially influence the shape
of the game and its administration in
the state
for the next 20 years.

part of its information gathering for this project, the working
group is seeking to understand your thoughts, as an
individual member
of CNSW, about retention of a
CNSW state headquarters and how it
should conduct
HQ associated activities. Some of you would be aware
that a number of options have been recently canvassed
via email and
submissions to the Executive, these
will be considered in the course
of the work of
this group.

It would be
extremely helpful if you, as an individual member of
CNSW, could assist by briefly providing the
information sought in the
survey that can be
accessed via this link: HQ Member Survey

While it is preferred that
members submit their responses on line a
version of the survey is also attached if members require a paper
version. Please mail any paper based responses to CNSW
HQ at PO Box
5096, Marrickville NSW 1475.

The survey period will close on
Monday 4 August so it is important to
respond as
soon as possible.

CNSW on behalf of the Working Group

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